End of the Day: 9/19/2008

Quick recap:  30,000 hits since Tuesday and more hitting the proverbial fan or engine rotors if you like.  WordPress Blog of the Day Rank: #40, up from #93. This will be an interesting weekend.

And personally – what a day, what a week!  As the sun sets out here on the Lido Deck, yours truly, Heller Drone is enjoying a well deserved drink.  And as you byotches did not make any suggestions as I asked over here, I had to come up with my own drink recipe:

The Shipwreck

1/2 shot Rum, coconut (Malibu)
2 shots (Captain Morgan’s) Rum, spiced
Fill with Water 

Fill a large tankard with ice. Pour in two shots of The Cap’n and then slosh in a shot and a half of Malibu. Then drown it all in plain ol’ tap water. Stir it up, and send her down the hatch. Yo ho ho, a pirate’s life for me!  

Yours truly would skip the tap water though.  

Also deckside there is actually some redeeming entertainment besides rearranging deck chairs on the S.S. Heller.  We are showing our true age by grooving on the riffs of Plastic Bertrand.  Check it:

I bet lots of fellow voyagers are looking at H.D. right now and saying to themselves, “Ça plane pour moi – indeed!  That works for me!  I think I’ll join him!”

Uh-oh!  Gotta run kids.  The older women here are brutal and just won’t take no for an answer!  Right now, I spy out of the corner of my eye someone’s slutty grandmother from Boca Raton in an outfit I am certain she wore to Red Lobster on Unlimited Shrimp Night in the hope that she could eat all she wanted and still get groped by Original-Teeth Jim.

Someone will be an angry pirate tonite for sure.

Over and out.

Heller Drone
Cruise Director


9 Responses to “End of the Day: 9/19/2008”

  1. 1 HellBoy 19 September 2008 at 3:23 pm

    Steady as she goes, Cap’n.

  2. 2 SA07 19 September 2008 at 3:43 pm

    Anyone else an incoming associate wondering what to do? I imagine if I find another job I have to reimburse Heller $$ I don’t have, but I suppose it’s not smart to not look elsewhere…

  3. 3 hellerdrone 19 September 2008 at 3:49 pm

    I need a former Heller associate or current for that matter to comment. If I were to ask Heller Drone’s elderly great-grandmother (yes – GREAT GRANDMOTHER), in between taped episodes of The Hills, I’m sure Gram would say, “Well, you really should reimburse them. It is the proper thing to do.”

    Of course she’d said that if you catch her on a day when she’s not wearing her tin foil hat and flashing passers-by in the living room picture window. For real.

    Any one else want to weigh in?

  4. 4 elsewhere 19 September 2008 at 7:36 pm

    Hey SA07, I’ve never been at Heller (but have been on a similar ship, so to speak), so take this with a grain of salt. I’d suggest finding another job first, and _then_ worrying about what to do about reimbursing Heller with $$ you don’t have. Really, from an outsider’s perspective it doesn’t sound much like there will be a job at Heller for you, so might as well start looking for something else now. The repayment question may be a non-issue by the time you have an offer, or your new firm may offer to repay or help you repay (ok, that may be wishful thinking, but if that’s the only way they can get you, maybe?). P.S. you’ll want to check what the offer letter that you signed says. Best of luck.

  5. 5 SA07 19 September 2008 at 8:53 pm

    Elsewhere, thanks. After reading what you wrote, it seems clear that that’s the way to go. Of course, I won’t stop crossing my fingers for Heller because I really had a good time there…

    Again, thanks.

  6. 6 Paralegal who usually hates summers but feels sorry for this one 19 September 2008 at 10:51 pm

    SA07 you should look for another job. Heller won’t exist soon.

  7. 7 Jayne Loughry 20 September 2008 at 7:01 am

    SA07, I was heavily involved in recruiting and hiring for many years before Brobeck was destroyed. Based on my experience on the inside, I don’t think you should feel obliged to reimburse Heller.

    From the news reports, it does sound like you should be putting together a Plan B, but you might not want to rush to “resign” from Heller and most certainly not to write a reimbursement check.

    Though you haven’t started work, you might already be on the books as an employee because of what they paid you while you were studying for the bar. In any event, Heller made you a promise of employment, and you’ve kept up your end of the deal. In other words, you probably have some enforceable rights in this mess.

    If Heller dissolves — and perhaps even if it doesn’t — I’d expect someone in management will soon get around to notifying some/all incoming associates that there’s no job waiting for them. I’d also expect that the Heller partners would recognize you’ve been put in a bad position through no fault of your own, so — at the very least — would cancel any obligation you might have had to reimburse them. I say, at the very least, because it’s possible they’d recognize they should give you additional compensation.

    During the post-dotcom meltdown in 2001-2, many firms — not just Brobeck — had more incoming associates scheduled to arrive than they could absorb. SOP was to buy off surplus incomings with cash payments of around $20,000, and that’s on top of forgetting about reimbursement.

    If the worst comes, and if the Heller partners are honorable, I’d expect not only will you not have to reimburse them, but they’ll pay you something extra for having disrupted the start of your career. So I think you might be better off waiting to see what happens over the next week. You can make calls, send out your resume, and even interview, just don’t formally quit too soon.

    BTW: Don’t panic. If you were good enough to get an offer from Heller, plenty of other firms would be delighted to have you. You’ll land on your feet just fine.

  8. 8 SA07 20 September 2008 at 12:39 pm

    More great advice! Thank you all so incredibly much for your insight; if Heller Drone is correct, I suppose we might hear something as early as Monday…Good luck, all Hellerites!!

    And an additional thank you to Heller Drone for this site.

  9. 9 hellerdrone 22 September 2008 at 9:49 am

    If you all don’t know it yet, Jayne is a goddess. That is your cruise director’s humble opinion.

    Heller Drone
    Cruise Director

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