Red Sky At Night . . .

As the old weather forecasting saying goes: “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight.  Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning.”

Well the sky is coming up red every morning here on the S.S. Heller and we’re just trying to sort through all types of info we keep receiving – some helpful, some bizarre, some rumour, and some just downright hateful.

The Job Help section has been updated with Legal/Paralegal jobs on Craiglist for all the major ports of call for the S.S. Heller.  Check it.  I am assuming that most of us are just waiting for information before giving notice, leaving the firm, etc.  But it never hurts to line things up and check out some listings.

Can anyone confirm the rumour that we may meet up with another sinking ship, the S.S. Thelen Reid, and our new name will be The Hell?

Also, rumour has it that Frank Chiu has been elected to replace Matt Larrabee. At least there will be more communication than as of late, even though it may be posted on crazy signs.

Grab your rain gear everyone.  This is not a drill.  Like each and every day, be prepared for something . . .

Over and out.

Heller Drone
Cruise Director


Life preserver.jpg
Remember the words of Rev. Frank Scott (Gene Hackman in The Poseidon Adventure):

". . . sitting on our butts is not going to help us either. Maybe by climbing out of here, we can save ourselves. If you've got any sense, you'll come along with us."

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