End of Day: 10/2/2008

We worry when it is so quiet.  This is when, as Frida so aptly put it in that great 80s song, “I Know There’s Something Going On,” stuff happens.

It has been confirmed that one or more Chiefs have resigned including Robert Meadows, Chief Information Officer and Steve Balcomb, Chief Administrative Officer.  It appears they had offered their resignations earlier during the storm as a way of lowering costs but they were rebuffed.  The fact that Heller management has now accepted their resignations worries us: is the cash flow situation a bit more dire than we’ve been told?

And if you don’t know it, both of these guys are straight-up in terms of their concern for staff, at least in my experience.  I truly believe they, and perhaps other chiefs, generals and majors, made the same offer.  They may realise that they are better positioned than most right now, in terms of economics and job prospects, and want to look out for their own people.  This is what we as Heller support staff know to be part of the “family spirit” that we often mention.  If this is the case, we say, “Bravo!” and thanks for holding the lifeboats steady as we get in.

Also, it has been confirmed that recent support staff who have departed the S.S. Heller Ehrman did receive their vacation accrual.  In fact, there are two people, at least, who were eligible for their sabbatical and received payment for that accrued benefit as well.  We hope the payment of vacation accrual is still the case when the last support staff person closes the door and turns off the light.

Other items you may have missed today:

Employment Legal Assistant position at Oracle posted

– The Recruiters – Staff section has been updated with listings for finance and accounting.

– A great article on the history of Heller Ehrman appeared in the OpEd section of the San Francisco Chronicle

And so another day ends.  We are off to watch the Vice Presidential debates – we have printed up our bingo cards, and we are all set.  It also sounds like Frida is set to take the stage over on the Riviera Deck to sing her hit song as well.  Enjoy. 


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  1. 1 Heller Enron 3 October 2008 at 8:24 am

    Is there “something going on” (or “somethin’ goin’ on” as Palin would say) with our 401(k)s? Notwithstanding the anemic stock market, we are concerned about the safeguarding (and management fees) of our nest eggs. Will we eventually have to move our accounts out of Vanguard? Then again, if current trends continue, our accounts will evaporate and this will all be moot.

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