Update: Wage Claim Info


“Please note that some of these shareholders are retired which means they have resigned their shareholder status and are only receiving retirement benefits – although the Dissolution Committee has cut them off too. It would be a travesty to include these people in any claim because they are in the same boat we are – broke and pissed off. The ones I know have retirement status are the following:

Robert Borton
Alexander Brainerd
Curt Caton
Charles Clifford
John Cutler
Robert Epsen
Robert Harris (he’s in his 90s)
Victor Hebert
Weyman Lundquist
William Mackey
Larry Popofsky
Jerry Robinson


These people are on our side, folks. I think they are just as disgusted as we are.”

Note from H.D.: we’ve already had one person’s claim bounce back.  They listed Heller Ehrman LLP and a shareholder but more importantly they may have used the words “dissolution.”  For now it is highly recommended that you state simply: “Employer terminated my employment, but did not pay final wages and accrued vacation owed.”

I have consulted with our panel of experts and here is some information on how to use the shareholder list when filing a wage claim:

– everyone should list the members of the current Dissolution Committee who are shareholders: Peter Benvenutti, Lynn Loacker, Paul Sugarman, Jonathan Hayden

– list your office managing shareholder

– name the shareholders you worked most with if you were a paralegal, secretary or associate/special counsel – or all the shareholders in your practice group

– for those staff (financial services, IT, Library, the lovely voices of Heller) also list Matt Larrabee as well as the Dissolution Committee members above and your office managing shareholder

The goal is to a) make sure we list the shareholders and not Heller Ehrman LLP and b) not confuse the staff of the wage claim office.  Do not list every single shareholder – that would just send them overboard.  Overboard – I made a joke.  I crack myself up sometimes.

Here is the list of shareholders as of 9/26/2008 when the Dissolution Vote was taken:


Name Title Location
Alaily, Rima Shareholder NY
Anderson, Steven Shareholder SE
Angland, Joseph   Shareholder NY
Appelman, Daniel   Shareholder SV
Armao, Joseph   Shareholder SV
Armstrong, Aaron   Shareholder SF
Arnold, Joy   Shareholder NY
Azcuenaga, Mary   Shareholder DC
Badal, Robert   Shareholder LA
Bailey, Ed   Shareholder NY
Barash, Louisa   Shareholder SE
Barringer, William   Shareholder DC
Batalov, Leo   Shareholder SE
Bell, Bernard   Shareholder DC
Ben-Ami, Andrew   Shareholder NY
Benvenutti, Peter   Shareholder SF
Berman, Stan   Shareholder SE
Bjerke, Bruce   Shareholder SE
Blankenheimer, Alan   Shareholder SD
Blawie, Elias   Shareholder SV
Blears, Norman   Shareholder SV
Blum, Lora   Shareholder SF
Bomse, Stephen   Shareholder SF
Brandt-Erichsen, Svend   Shareholder SE
Brockmeyer, Neal   Shareholder LA
Brody, Sara   Shareholder SF
Brosnahan, Brian   Shareholder SF
Browne, Maureen   Shareholder DC
Brownstein, David   Shareholder SF
Bruner, Becky Shareholder DC
Buehler, Robert   Shareholder NY
Burns, Timothy   Shareholder MA
Burnstein, Michael   Shareholder SF
Byrnes, Andrew   Shareholder SV
Caro, Howard   Shareholder SV
Carothers, Jo Dale   Shareholder SD
Charles, Pamela   Shareholder SE
Charlson, Michael   Shareholder NY
Chernof, Kenneth Shareholder DC
Chiu, Johnny   Shareholder DC
Chu, David Shareholder HK
Cohen, Matthew Shareholder SE
Cohen, Michael   Shareholder DC
Cohen, Nancy   Shareholder LA
Cohen, Russell   Shareholder SF
Collins, Kevin   Shareholder NY
Culligan, Kevin J.   Shareholder NY
Curtis, Jr., Charles   Shareholder MA
Danelo, Peter   Shareholder SE
Davis, Stephen   Shareholder NY
Deming, Renee   Shareholder SV
Dempsey, Karen   Shareholder SF
DeNatale, Richard   Shareholder SF
Dick, Brett   Shareholder SF
Dixon, Megan   Shareholder SF
Dotten, Michael   Shareholder SE
Downey, Martin Shareholder HK
Downs, Paul   Shareholder NY
Dunn, Christopher   Shareholder DC
Dunne, Daniel   Shareholder SE
Durling, James   Shareholder DC
Edelman, Daniel   Shareholder NY
Erickson, Sonya   Shareholder SE
Faber, Mike   Shareholder SF
Fagan, Joseph   Shareholder DC
Feldman, Leonard   Shareholder SE
Feldstein, Steven   Shareholder SF
Fiala, Marie   Shareholder SF
Fram, Robert   Shareholder SF
Fredericks, Jr., Wesley   Shareholder NY
Freeman-Gleason, Alison   Shareholder SE
Freiberg, Charles   Shareholder SF
Fuller, Chad   Shareholder SD
Gamsky, Michael   Shareholder SE
Garvey, Joanne   Shareholder SF
Gavenman, Jon   Shareholder SV
Gibney, Jr., Robert   Shareholder SF
Gibson, Nora   Shareholder NY
Glass, Todd   Shareholder SE
Goldman, Beth   Shareholder SF
Goldstein, David    Shareholder SF
Goldstein, Richard   Shareholder NY
Greer, George   Shareholder SE
Gregoratos, Barbara   Shareholder SF
Grimm, Richard Shareholder SV
Gussis, Chrysanthe   Shareholder SF
Gutierrez, Heidi Shareholder SD
Halbe, Shai   Shareholder LA
Hall-Jones, David Shareholder HK
Hanish, John   Shareholder NY
Hanley, Jr., John   Shareholder SE
Harth, David   Shareholder DC
Haskett, Christine   Shareholder SF
Haslam, Robert   Shareholder SV
Hatch, Marcia   Shareholder SV
Hawk, Robert   Shareholder SV
Hayden, Jonathan   Shareholder SF
Hecker, Peter   Shareholder SF
Hendricks, Sharon   Shareholder SV
Henneberry, Ted   Shareholder DC
Hoxie, Timothy   Shareholder SF
Hubbell, Robert   Shareholder SF
Hulse, Brian   Shareholder SE
Hurst, Annette   Shareholder SF
Jargiello, David   Shareholder SF
Johnson, Carl   Shareholder SF
Jones, David   Shareholder MA
Joyce, Ed   Shareholder NY
Jurata, John   Shareholder DC
Kaufman, Rick   Shareholder SD
Keeshan, Lawrence   Shareholder SF
Kelly, Kevin   Shareholder SE
Kim, Ted   Shareholder SV
Kirschner, Kenneth   Shareholder NY
Kjelland, Kurt   Shareholder SD
Klein, David   Shareholder DC
Kleinfeld, David    Shareholder SD
Koppel, Steven   Shareholder NY
Landry, John   Shareholder LA
Larrabee, Matt   Shareholder NY
Leal, Heather   Shareholder SF
Leskovsek, Natasha   Shareholder DC
Levin, Barry   Shareholder SF
Loacker, Lynn   Shareholder NY
Luk, Simon  HK   Shareholder HK
MacCormack, Scott   Shareholder SE
Mahaley, Peri   Shareholder DC
Maloney, Teresa   Shareholder SF
Mangan, Brendan   Shareholder SE
Marcus, Jeffrey   Shareholder NY
Markman, Michael   Shareholder SF
Martiniak, Chris   Shareholder SF
McLaughlin, Joseph   Shareholder NY
McLean, Anna   Shareholder SF
Medearis, Mark   Shareholder SV
Miles, Judy   Shareholder SF
Miller, Keith   Shareholder SV
Miller, Sheryl   Shareholder SF
Mohler, Paul   Shareholder DC
Nadler, Carl Shareholder DC
Nellermoe, Leslie   Shareholder SE
Neuman, Bill   Shareholder SF
Newton, Steve   Shareholder LA
Niemann, Angela   Shareholder SE
Palmer, Jonathan   Shareholder SE
Parker, Richard   Shareholder SD
Parris, Mark   Shareholder SE
Paulson, David   Shareholder SF
Paye, Amy   Shareholder SV
Payson, Kenneth   Shareholder SE
Peers, Richard   Shareholder SV
Percival, Donald   Shareholder SE
Pers, Jessica   Shareholder SF
Phillips, Lori   Shareholder SE
Phillips, Michael Shareholder HK
Pierson, Kit   Shareholder DC
Plimack, Michael   Shareholder SF
Plumer, Mark   Shareholder DC
Popovic, Neil   Shareholder SF
Porter, Daniel   Shareholder DC
Redman, Eric   Shareholder SE
Rennert, Stuart   Shareholder DC
Rewinski, Jon   Shareholder LA
Rheaume, Warren   Shareholder SE
Rice, Dale   Shareholder SF
Robertson, John   Shareholder SE
Rocco, Victor   Shareholder NY
Rosenfeld, Bob   Shareholder DC
Rosenfeld, Bob   Shareholder LA
Rosenfeld, Bob    Shareholder SF
Rosenkranz, Josh   Shareholder NY
Rugen, Michael   Shareholder SF
Rushforth, Brent   Shareholder DC
Russell, Bernard   Shareholder SE
Ryan, Nicole   Shareholder SF
Schwab, Douglas   Shareholder NY
Schwab, Douglas   Shareholder SF
Seddon, Nicholas Shareholder HK
Sellers, John   Shareholder SV
Shapland, Eric Shareholder LA
Sheen, Raymond   Shareholder SF
Shepard, Michael   Shareholder SF
Shuldberg, Kirt   Shareholder SD
Siemens, Rene   Shareholder LA
Silverman, Dan   Shareholder SD
Skilton, John   Shareholder DC
Smith, Brian   Shareholder SF
Smutny, David   Shareholder DC
Sobin, Sturgis   Shareholder DC
Speyer, James Shareholder LA
Stern, Julian   Shareholder SV
Stoll, Christopher   Shareholder SF
Subhedar, Nitin   Shareholder SV
Sugarman, Paul   Shareholder SF
Thayer, Patricia   Shareholder SF
Thompson, Carol Lynn   Shareholder SF
Thorp, Michael   Shareholder SE
Titelbaum, Dan   Shareholder SF
Toner, Kevin   Shareholder NY
Tonsfeldt, Steven   Shareholder SV
Torgerson, James Shareholder AN
Trodella, Jr., Robert   Shareholder SF
Trubitt, Hayden   Shareholder SD
Tucker, Barry   Shareholder SD
Tuggy, Stephen   Shareholder LA
Ulin, John Shareholder LA
Umberger, Michelle   Shareholder MA
Underwood-Muschamp, Laura   Shareholder SD
Van Zant, Amy   Shareholder SV
Weeks, Mark   Shareholder SV
Weise, Steven   Shareholder LA
Weiss, Laurence   Shareholder SF
Werbel, Robert   Shareholder NY
Westrich, Scott   Shareholder SF
Wilson, David   Shareholder SE
Windfeld-Hansen, Mark   Shareholder SV
Wrenn, Michael   Shareholder SE
Yakren, Aviva   Shareholder NY
Yang, Ing Loong Shareholder HK
Yee, Mavis    Shareholder SV
Young, Stanley   Shareholder SV
Zhu, Jonathan   Shareholder SF
Zweifach, Lawrence   Shareholder NY

5 Responses to “Update: Wage Claim Info”

  1. 1 commenter 10 October 2008 at 9:45 pm


    Please keep in mind that it may be in your interest to refrain from filing wage claims or other actions for unpaid vacation/wages until the 31st day after you are terminated. As has been mentioned before, you may be eligible for “waiting time penalties” equivalent to your regular rate of pay for up to 30 days if they don’t make you whole (subject to a finding that they “willfully” failed to pay you). But, any accrual of these penalties will stop at the time you file a claim or suit for the unpaid wages – so if you file on Monday instead of waiting a month, it could (under the unlikely and ideal circumstances that you actually fully recover on these claims) be shorting yourself almost 4 weeks’ pay.

    On the flip side, it’s anyone’s guess if any of these will get processed in time for there to be any money to pay them.

  2. 2 dlse 11 October 2008 at 1:53 am

    Sorry I don’t have a link, but I saw that according to the DLSE website, only filing a Court action counts as an “action” for purposes of stopping accrual of s.203 penalties. A wage claim with DLSE doesn’t.

  3. 3 Anon 11 October 2008 at 3:26 am

    I agree with Commenter on waiting 30 days. Speaking from experience, you will recover more money by waiting 30 days because more penalties accrue after being 30 days delinquent. Also, think about this – the firm can be “forced into involuntary bankruptcy” if they receive more than 3 claims for $1,340 or ($13,400)? whichever – the point is the firm hopes that employees will start filing claims immediately to push them into involuntary bankruptcy and then they can throw up their hands and claim they can’t and won’t pay up. Nice way of getting out of the Warn provisions. Face it, we’re all screwed one way or another, but waiting 30 days will allow us more money in our pocket in the long run (and it may be a very long run).

  4. 4 Clueless 11 October 2008 at 3:40 am

    Please note that some of these shareholders are retired which means they have resigned their shareholder status and are only receiving retirement benefits – although the Dissolution Committee has cut them off too. It would be a travesty to include these people in any claim because they are in the same boat we are – broke and pissed off. The ones I know have retirement status are the following:

    Robert Borton
    Curt Caton
    Charles Clifford
    John Cutler
    Robert Epsen
    Robert Harris (he’s in his 90s)
    Victor Hebert
    Weyman Lundquist
    William Mackey
    Larry Popofsky
    Jerry Robinson

    These people are on our side, folks. I think they are just as disgusted as we are.

  1. 1 Retired Shareholders - Do Not Use On Wage Claims « Heller Highwater Trackback on 12 October 2008 at 2:34 am
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