More Terminations

This just in:

From: Dissolution Committee 
To: Dissolution Committee 
Sent: Thu Oct 16 08:23:43 2008
Subject: Important Message from the Dissolution Committee (DC)

It is with a great deal of regret that we write to inform you that we will not be able to pay you for work performed after tomorrow, Friday, October 17, and, as a result, that your employment with the firm will be terminated on that day.  We do expect that we will be able to continue to pay some people for a longer period of time.

Because of the volume of final paychecks we will need to prepare, it may take a few days to get your final paycheck to you.  We know this is important to you but please be assured your colleagues in the Payroll Department will be working as hard and as quickly as they can to get you your paycheck.  Paralegals, secretaries and other non-exempt employees should promptly submit their timesheets so that they can be paid for any overtime.  The final paycheck will be mailed to your home.

These actions have been forced upon us by the banks that control our ability to make any payments.  We understand how upsetting this news is. You should continue your activities to serve clients, including, where applicable, to bill your time.  Time billing and client service are two of the criteria the banks are examining in our continuing negotiations with them to maintain an orderly transition.

We have now posted on the external Heller Ehrman website ( the Career Placement Opportunities listing of job openings and contacts.  We encourage you to check the postings frequently and to provide any new opportunities that you hear of to Wendy Kwan in Human Resources (

Your health insurance will remain in effect through October 31.  The firm is devoting intense effort to negotiate a continuation of benefits, including COBRA coverage, and we will keep former employees informed by postings on the firm’s internet site.  Alternative individual health coverage arrangements have been described in the Benefits Frequently Asked Questions on the intranet  that document will also be posted to the firm’s external internet site.

We want to thank you for your professionalism and forbearance to date and ask you to continue to proceed with the same degree of professionalism you have demonstrated during your valuable service to the firm and to its clients.

The Dissolution Committee


3 Responses to “More Terminations”

  1. 1 AssociateOnLeave 16 October 2008 at 12:38 pm

    I sent an email to the dissolution committee last night asking what would be happening as I am on leave and wanted to know how soon my leave would be terminated. I got back an email from an actual human being saying they were “working on it” and then 5 minutes later got this email from the “Dissolution Committee”. I suppose that kind of treatment is to be expected, given the level of open and honest communication we have had so far.

    I will miss working with the wonderful attorneys and staff of HE, but there’s something to be said for being one giant step closer to actual closure on this.

  2. 2 Lola Falana 16 October 2008 at 1:05 pm

    Ahh yes, count me in as one of the people to receive this email. My time is up.

  3. 3 Anon2 16 October 2008 at 1:06 pm

    With great irony, this morning the sign on the flower shop said “Don’t Forget Today is Bosses Day”. Ha! Touche Heller.

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