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Your cruise director actually had a chance to get away for the weekend and took said chance. It is great to be back and I am going through the Heller Drone mailbox. Here is a consulting opportunity from a former Heller Ehrman associate:

The Berkeley Student Cooperative (BSC), a non-profit student housing organization in Berkeley, is seeking a professional Information Technology (IT) consultant to prepare an assessment of the adequacy of the organization’s existing IT system for its current and future (five year) needs; a vision statement and long-term goals for improving the IT system; and a detailed implementation plan, including a timeline and budget, for making recommended changes in the organization’s IT system over a three-year period.

The consultant will become familiar with the organization, the existing IT system, and the written business processes of the organization. The consultant will solicit input from the IT Committee of the Board of Directors to understand customer needs and expectations for the IT system of the organization, to finalize the vision and goals of the plan, and to provide feedback on alternative action steps and investments recommended for consideration by the consultant.

The IT assessment and plan will address, among other needs identified by the consultant:
– Alternatives to the organization’s existing integrated business database and accounting software for its core business and accounting needs.
– Alternatives for increasing the business transactions which individual members are able to initiate and complete online.
– Improvements in Central Office systems for providing web-based management of information and accounting to the individual co-operative house or apartment property.
– Low-cost and secure alternatives for providing email for the organization’s members and staff.
– The adequacy of the organization’s network infrastructure, including servers, routers, and communication capacity, for its business needs.

Learn more about the Berkeley Student Cooperative at our website, Download the full request for proposal (pdf) here. This Request for Proposal (RFP) contains instructions for responses to be submitted; a description of the services to be provided; selection criteria; and other requirements which must be met by the proposer to be eligible for consideration. Please follow the instructions carefully and submit your response no later than 5 pm on October 31st, 2008 by email to: You are solely responsible for assuring that the submittal arrives by the due date and time.

The pre-submittal bidders conference will be held at the BSC Central Office conference room, 2424 Ridge Road, on Oct. 28 from 10:30 to 12.

Potential respondent are encouraged to email specific questions in advance to and we will try to address them in the meeting.

Any potential respondent who is not able to attend the pre-submittal conference can email us at a request for a record of the questions and answers addressed at the pre-submittal conference.

Madeleine Loh
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Oakland, CA 94612
tel 510.451.3300
fax 510.451.1527


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