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Amended Schedules Filing

I’ve received several phone calls and emails and have also seen comments to previous posts referencing a “packet” received from Stang Ziehl & Jones LLP by some ex-Hellerites.  In it is a copy of several filings including Amendment To Schedule E and Amended Summary of Schedules.

Here is the information I can provide right now on the packet:

The lawyers at Blum/Collins became aware of the amended schedule when it was filed, observed that the total amount of priority claims went up from the prior schedule by a small amount, knew that the debtor can’t acknowledge liability for WARN act claims until the settlement is concluded and were not concerned. They are getting to the bottom of why exactly there has been an amended filing, but their preliminary investigation suggests that the changes are a consequence of arithmetical changes in the calculations for some employees and that decreases for some, and increases for others, are nothing more than a reflection of those changes.

Because of the holiday period the Blum/ Collins lawyers expect that they will not have more information until some time after January 1.

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Update on Schelle Simcox

Tomorrow morning – December 21st – Schelle will be undergoing surgery as part of her cancer treatment.

Please take a minute to visit her journal at Caring Bridge – – and send her a note, your good wishes, your prayers, your thoughts.


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Update on Class Action Suit and Settlement

It has been a rather quiet few weeks and we’ve received several inquiries as to the status of the Class Action suit and the proposed settlement. In addition, you may have noticed several news items this week which mention negotiations with the junior shareholders.

Here is what we can report after checking in with Blum Collins and reviewing the recent articles:

  • Back in November, at the initial hearing for the Court to consider the Class settlement and approve the Notice to the Class, Judge Montali asked that the Notice be reviewed by the parties and edited for completeness and clarity, based on comments that were made at the hearing. At that time the parties anticipated that it would take only a few days to submit a revised Notice.
  • In the meantime, the Heller Ehrman estate has been in negotiations with the shareholders to settle the estate’s claims against shareholders. Shortly after the November hearing, Judge Newsome, who is handling the mediation with the shareholders, asked Judge Montali to delay any decision on the proposed Plan of Reorganization and Disclosure Statement while settlement discussions continued. Judge Montali agreed and postponed indefinitely any further action on the Plan. Because adoption of the Plan was an integral part of the Class settlement, that made it necessary to address the delay in the Plan in the context of timing of approval of the settlement and payments to be made under the settlement.
  • It appears that a settlement has been reached with a large group of junior shareholders, while negotiations continue with the higher income Heller Ehrman shareholders.
  • While we had hoped we would see a partial payment of the settlement amounts by early January, the process is delayed because funding of those payments comes in part from the settlement with the shareholders. The Blum Collins lawyers have asked for a deadline for payment of priority claims, and the response has been encouraging but the Heller Ehrman estate is waiting for more definitive progress in the negotiations with the shareholders before agreeing.
  • The review process and the changes in the proposed settlement to accommodate the delay in approval of a Plan are not expected to result in any substantive changes in the terms of the settlement reached on behalf of the class members by Blum Collins. Put another way, the benefits the class members will receive will not change but the procedures for and timing of payment has been modified because Plan approval has been delayed. The delay results from the decisions of Judge Newsome and Judge Montali to try to get a better Plan in place and the fact that funding of the settlement depends on funding of a Plan.
  • The next step is to go back to Judge Montali to gain preliminary approval of the settlement and approval of Notice to the Class. The only thing that is delaying that process now is hearing from the estate regarding a deadline for funding the settlement. Judge Montali’s approval of the Notice to the class will start the process for class members to review the terms of the final settlement and decide whether accept the settlement or to opt out and pursue their claims individually. Based on the report from Blum Collins lawyers, we continue to believe that the terms of the settlement, while not perfect, are much better than we could have done without the extra clout of having filed a class action.
  • Several of you have asked on the blog whether or not employees other than Blum Collins clients will get the benefit of the settlement. The answer is that all employees, even those who did not file an individual proof of claim, will be entitled to participate in the settlement. The Notice to the class, once approved by Judge Montali, will spell out these and other details.

That’s all we can report right now. If there is any breaking news, be sure that Heller Highwater will report it.

We may not have word on any activities until after the first of the year. Until then have a happy holiday!

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Heller Settles With Junior Partners

It appears that the Heller Ehrman estate has settled with the more junior shareholders according to a story in The Recorder and on

Heller Creditors Pencil Deal With Junior Partners (via LegalPad)

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When Did The S.S. Heller Start Sinking?

According to a new article in The Recorder this morning, the matter of when exactly the S.S. Heller started sinking is up for debate.

Read it here: Heller Leaders Saw Failure Looming, Documents Show

Summary of Financial Status as of October 31, 2009

Thanks to a fellow ex-Hellerite for passing along this Heller 103109 Summary of Financial Status.

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