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Plan of Liquidation Ballot

The following communication has been received from Blum Collins in regards to the Plan of Liquidation packets which we mailed to all class members this week.  Please read the contents of the message below for instructions on how ballotting works.

You should receive your blue ballot this week for accepting the plan of liquidation of Heller Ehrman LLP. To fill it out, you will need some numbers from the Exhibit 1 notice which all class members should have received in the mail a few weeks ago (with the April 9, 2010 Notice to Plaintiff Class of Proposed Settlement). This is the Exhibit that explained your specific dollar amounts for the settlement of the employee class action. In bankruptcy, your vote is weighted in part by the dollar amount of your claims.

View a Markup of Exhibit 1

To view a copy of the exemplar Exhibit 1, along with our handwritten notes, please click this link (or paste it into the address bar of your internet browser):

Fill Out the Blue Ballot

On the reverse side of your blue ballot, write down the dollar figure from Line 11 of your Exhibit 1 into the blank on the blue ballot for “Class 7.” Your copy of Exhibit 1 will not contain line numbers, but you can figure out which line is Line 11 by comparing your Exhibit 1 with the exemplar linked to this email above.

Next, write down the dollar figure from Line 12 of your Exhibit 1 into the blank on the blue ballot for “Class 8.”

For now, you needn’t do anything with your Line 10 figure. This part of your claim falls in a different class that does not vote.

Check the “Vote to Accept” box next to the Class 7 and Class 8 lines, and then fill out the “Step C: Complete Balloting Information” on the blue ballot.

Finally, be sure to sign the blue ballot, and then mail it (no fax or email) to the address at the bottom of the blue ballot before June 16, 2010.

Vote in Favor of the Plan of Liquidation

The Plan of Liquidation must be approved if the class members are to be paid by this summer. We strongly encourage you to vote for the plan.

There are myriad legal issues involved in the approval of the plan of liquidation, and you can do your part by filling out and returning your blue ballot.

If You Need a Copy of Your Exhibit 1 or Blue Ballot, Request It

If you need a copy of your Exhibit 1 that contains your specific settlement information, which was mailed to the address on the Bankruptcy Court’s records for you on April 9, 2010 by the claims administrator for the Heller estate, or if you need your blue ballot, then the most direct way for you to get it is to request a copy from the claims administrator:

Kyle Everett
Development Specialists, Inc.
235 Pine Street, Suite 1150
San Francisco, CA 94104

415.981.2717 Phone
415.981.2718 Facsimile

The blue ballot is simply a form that you could instead download by clicking this link (or pasting it in the address bar of your browser):

©2010, copyright Thomas MacEntee


Another Heller Ehrman Colleague Passes – Cathy Rosen

As Wondie Russell mentioned earlier, we’ve received news of the passing of Cathy Rosen, another Heller Ehrman colleague.  You can read Cathy’s obituary here on the San Francisco Chronicle website.

Please leave your condolences at Cathy’s blog or here in the comments and keep Cathy’s family in your thoughts and prayers.

©2010, copyright Thomas MacEntee

The Voice of Heller Passes

If you ever had the pleasure to call in to the main number of Heller Ehrman, LLP in San Francisco or your name was paged on the paging system, you knew The Voice of Heller – Ebba Jensen.

Sadly, Ebba passed away at her home today in San Francisco.  At this time there is no information as to services – but we will post that information as soon as it is available.

Update to Timetable

We’ve received an update to the settlement timetable from Blum Collins:

The Bankruptcy Court again has postponed hearing on the adequacy of the Plan Disclosure Statement, this time to 1:30 on Friday, May 14.  We won’t be able to predict the effect this postponement might have on the date for payment of priority amounts until we see what Judge Montali does with the objections to the Disclosure Statement that have been filed and what dates are fixed for a plan approval hearing.  The May 14th date could be postponed again if Judge Montali elects to do so.

© 2010, copyright Thomas MacEntee

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