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Update: 401k Advice

Your cruise director has received several e-mails concerning the 401k issue.  It really seems to be a “good news, and good news, but you might want to also consider . . .” situation:

– several people have asked and received confirmation that Heller is paid up on all its administrative fees for the 401k accounts;

– the vibe is that those emailing believe what they are hearing from our benefits people (who are Heller support staff too) and are confident that they will have access to their retirement funds; but

– some have suggested lowering your contribution to 0% for the time being.

There of course are advantages and disadvantages to not putting money into your 401k: you have a higher taxable amount in your paycheck but, what you do get to keep is instantly accessible and not tied up in a 401k account.  Good advice from several people.  Yours truly took the “plunge” as it were and set the contribution level to 0%.

This may not kick in on the upcoming pay date (Friday, September 25) but it will kick in for pay dates thereafter.

Remember, you can also makes changes to your contribution level later.  Perhaps later in the year when bonus checks come out.  LOL.

W-4 Forms

You might want to think about adjusting your W-4 form, both state and federal, if you think you are going to be laid off or leaving the firm and not having the same income level for the rest of the year.  This could lessen any economic impact of losing your job.

Remember:  this is not to be construed as tax advice, since your individual financial situation is unique to you.  There may be underwithholding issues etc.  

I just wanted to put the forms out there and make them handy to get to. (Also: I am trying to post forms and links for all states where Heller staff might live, i.e. Connecticut for the New York office.  If you think I am missing a few states or jurisdictions, please let me know!  H.D.)

Federal – W-4

Alaska  – W-4

none – you lucky dogs!

California  – W-4

Connecticut  – W-4

District of Columbia  – W-4

Maryland – W-4

New Jersey  – W-4

New York  – W-4

Virginia – W-4

Washington  – W-4

none – note to self: pack bags for Seattle!

Wisconsin  – W-4


Not trying to push the envelope here, but we’d better make a set of links available.  I’m just sayin’.



District of Columbia

Maryland –
Virginia –
Washington, D.C. –


New York

Connecticut –

New Jersey –

New York –



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