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Exporting Your Internet Explorer Favorites

I’ve had a request to show how to export items from Internet Explorer including Favorites and Cookies (where your password and login ids for websites can be stored).  

1.  Open Internet Explorer.

2.  On the File menu, select Import and Export.  The Import/Export Wizard appears.  Click Next.  

3.  Select the action to perform.  For this example select Export Favorites.  Click Next.  

4.  Select the folder of favorites to be exported.  Highlight Favorites.   Click Next.

5.  In the Export to a File or Address field enter a location.  The default location will place the Favorites in your Documents directory in a file entitled bookmark.htm.  Click Next.    

6.  Click Finish.  

7.  A confirmation message will appear when the Favorites are successfully exported.

Use the same procedure to export Cookies and Feeds.

More Outlook Tips and Tricks

We’ve been receiving some great tips and tricks from Heller IT folks especially using Outlook.  Remember to look at our other posts here (Backing Up Personal Data and Exporting Your Outlook Contacts) as well.

This neat piece of free software allows you to capture all those email addresses stored in your Outlook “nickname” file. 

What’s that?  Well, if you go to the To: field of a blank email message and type a letter, you will see that Oulook has “remembered” the email addresses of people to whom you’ve sent messages in the past.  (Don’t forget that the nice thing about Microsoft is that they already know what you’ll want in the future, even before you know it! LOL).

You may have notified all the people in your Outlook contacts that you are leaving Heller Ehrman, but what about those one-off people or people to whom you’ve sent email but never entered their info into Contacts?

One you run the application, it captures all the nickname file data and allows you to save it out in various formats or copy the data columns.

Go here for info on how N2K works:

Go here to download the application:

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Backing Up Personal Data

Many of us may have information such as Internet Explorer Favorites, etc. stored on our computers at Heller Ehrman.  Please review the issues and ideas below when backing up this data or storing it offline so that it can be accessed once you leave the S.S. Heller Ehrman.

Also, given the current storms we are navigating, review all data and consider taking copies of items such as reimbursement requests, vacation requests, etc. – any form which may be helpful at a later date if there is a dispute as to whether or not proper payments for expenses have been made.

1.  Use a flash drive.  Flash drives come in a variety of sizes and can be plugged into the USB drive to act as an extra storaged drive.  Use Windows explorer to copy the data to the flash drive.  Note:  please make sure your Flash drive has been scanned for viruses!   

2.  Use a free online storage website.  Many websites require users to pay a fee, but some are free and some have a limited amount of room for free.  Here are a few:

Xdrive (5gb free) –

Mozy (2gb free) –

Box (1gb free) –

DropBoks (1gb free) –

Read more about online storage:

3.  Open a gmail account.  Gmail offers a large amount of storage for free.  Remember, don’t use your Outlook account to email attachments to your gmail account – this will cause undue amounts of network traffic and certain file types may be blocked.  Instead, send from gmail to yourself.

Exporting Your Outlook Contacts

If you haven’t done so already, you may want to export your Outlook contacts so that they are available at your new position and/or at home.  This information is important for networking and keeping in touch with other soon-to-be ex-Hellerites like yourself.

The instructions below walk you through the process of exporting not only to Outlook’s native format (.pst) but other formats that will allow you to import them more easily to a new system in the weeks and months to come.

Export Contacts to Outlook .PST Format

1.  Open Outlook 2003.

2.  Select Contacts.

3.  On the File menu, select Import and Export.  The Import and Export Wizard appears.

4.  Select Export to a file and click Next.

5.  Select Personal Folder File and click Next.

6.  Select the Contacts folder and mark the Include Subfolders checkbox.  Click Next.

7.  In the Save exported file as: field, use the Browse button to select a location for the exported file (your Desktop is a good location) and then enter a filename.

8.  Under Options, select Replace duplicates with items exported and click Finish.


Export Contacts to CSV (Comma Separated Values)

Note: the CSV format can be opened in Excel as a table and then cut and pasted into a Word table.  The CSV format will allow you to import the data into a wide variety of applications.  It is strongly recommended that you export to PST as well as CSV formats.

1.  Open Outlook 2003.

2.  Select Contacts.

3.  On the File menu, select Import and Export.  The Import and Export Wizard appears.

4.  Select Export to a file and click Next.

5.  Select Comma Separated Values (Windows) and click Next.

6.  Select the Contacts folder.  Click Next.

7.  In the Save exported file as: field, use the Browse button to select a location for the exported file (your Desktop is a good location) and then enter a filename.  Click Next.

8.  Click Finish.

References and Proof of Employment

Here’s another item or two to add to your to-do list: securing references and proof of employment. Realise that it is not easy to have a firm or company that no longer exists on your resume and it can actually make job hunting a bit more difficult. Here are some things to do over the next few weeks especially if you received a WARN notice:

1. Try to get one or more letters of reference on Heller Ehrman letterhead.

2. Also, get at least one person to agree to be a reference for you in the future.

3. Since you may not know where your references will be in terms of other law firms or companies, you will need to keep in touch with them. Rather than request their home contact info, ask that they sign up on LinkedIn and that they join the Heller Ehrman LLP Alumni group (

4. Save whatever documentation you have that shows how long you were with Heller Ehrman , your last job title, and your salary. Also, save a copy of your WARN notice and any other official documents related to your lay-off. In addition, save a PDF version of one or more of the news articles related to Heller’s decision to dissolve. The more documentation you have, the easier it is to wipe the skeptical look off that HR person’s face.

Over and out.

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